Live like Elites with Rentmoe

03 May 2020 | 13:36:19

It is easy to get jealous of the 1%, the wealthy elites who seem to have everything they could ever want. But most of them didn't get wealthy by spending money they didn't need to spend. In fact, even if you are not among the uber-rich, you can enjoy some of the same perks by taking advantage of the same money-saving secrets they do. Are you ready to know one secret the 1% uses to live a lavish lifestyle while spending even less money than the rest of us? It simple. The 1% Rentmoe!

What does it mean to Rentmoe? When you use Rentmoe, you tap into a secret that the rich already know about, the sharing economy. It is based on the idea that we shouldn't spend money buying things that we only use occasionally. When we buy, we have not only the initial, upfront investment but also the cost of storage and maintenance. Eventually, what we buy will wear out or become obsolete, and we will have to lay down more money to replace it. So the 1% know that it is far smarter to rent what they need when they need it and save their money.

The next time you are on vacation, and you see someone stepping out of your dream beach house, don't assume they own it. Maybe they rented it on Rentmoe! That beautiful boat that is way out of your budget might be completely affordable if you only rent it when you need it. Are you sure that fantastic convertible actually belongs to that couple, or did they rent it on Rentmoe?

Rentmoe makes it easy for anyone to live like the 1%. Just browse the extensive selection of items to rent, request a rental, pay with Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, WePay, AliPay, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, wait for delivery, and start living like the elite. You won't believe the number of things you can rent with just a couple of clicks and the money you can save by renting instead of buying. Even better, you are helping our planet.

When we engage in the sharing economy, we are reducing the number of goods that are produced using our limited energy supply and scarce natural resources. Instead of buying things that we rarely use, we can rent what we need when we need it and give the planet the rest it needs. You are also supporting people who are adding to their income or supporting their families from the profits they can make by renting items they already own.

And just like you don't know if the couple in that beautiful new car bought it or is just renting it, no one will know if you are part of the 1% or simply smart enough to Rentmoe. Live like the elite and Rentmoe!

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